Healthcare patients have more options than ever before. With so much information available online, these patients no longer feel the need to visit the closest hospital, a medical practice closest to their location, or even healthcare practices with multiple locations in the community. That’s why it’s so important to have a planned, budgeted healthcare marketing plan to reach new and returning patients in your area at the best moment.

Planning Your Healthcare Marketing Strategies

1. Use consistent healthcare branding

You might feel confident your expertise sets you apart from other providers, doctor practices or hospitals. But let’s face it–to a patient, one white coat looks just like the next.

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2. Evaluate the online patient experience

A decade ago, simply having a website was enough to impress prospective patients and help them find your healthcare brand identity. But now, a website is healthcare’s new front door.

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3. Build a responsive healthcare website

A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts to the size of a screen, so the experience is the same whether the site is accessed on a computer, tablet, your phone, or any mobile device

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